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Are you looking for a business unit to rent?

Essex is fantastic place to locate your business. Whether you’re a new business, relocating or expanding, the Loughton Seedbed Centre has a commercial space to suit you.

Choosing a Business Centre

Choosing a business unit to rent is not as easy a task as it first appears. There are many factors to consider for the modern business.
If we take a step back 10 to 15 years, the last question on anyone’s mind when looking for commercial office space was “what is the broadband quality like?”. Today it’s more likely to be the first question. Our need for reliable, fast communication is a major driving force for business growth and success. Cloud services are rapidly expanding and the need for offsite data storage isn’t a flash in the pan. High-speed broadband with the capacity to increase your bandwidth as your business grows is vitally important.

It’s all about the Location

Is a central London location needed today? It’s a valid question. London is and always will be a dynamic and rewarding business location. However, high rents and increasing levels of congestion have their drawbacks. A business centre in outer London with superb transport links can be ideal for your burgeoning business. Proximity to major roads and rail links coupled with easy access and parking should be high on your list of priorities.

It pays to think ahead

Data obtained from the Federation of Small Businesses indicate
There were 5.7 million businesses in the private sector business space at the start of 2017.
99.3% of private sector businesses are SME’s
Since 2000 there has been a 64% increase in the business population
SME’s are likely to expand and often this rate of expansion can be rapid and catch you out. When choosing a business centre or commercial office space it’s worth taking this into account. Is there room to cope with your expansion? Will I need to move premises and deal with a major upheaval? Does my rental contract have the flexibility to allow me to move, either to another business unit or within your current business park?
Investing in the right commercial business premises at an early stage will help you react to changing demands and take advantage of opportunities for growth. Being tied down to an inflexible contract could mean you having to find an additional business unit to rent in a different location that doesn’t suit your needs. This can have numerous disadvantages for efficiency and how you would like your business to flow.

Time for a change

Your business may be at the stage where you just need to move to a better premises. It may be time to update your corporate image and project a more professional and organised face to your clients. The right Business centre will work wonders for your corporate identity. A smart office with room to create a great layout has enormous benefits, not just for your clients but for your workforce too.
Hindsight is an amazing thing of course and not something we all possess!

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