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Is video conferencing the future of business communications?

We’re all aware of rapid changes in technology. We experience it in our everyday lives from the latest TV’s to smartphones and even smart fridges! But how do you communicate within your business?

Video conferencing and video communication is a rapidly expanding market place and is becoming more affordable every day. How does it fit into your office space? Are you working from home, from a virtual office, a business centre or your own commercial premises?

Today’s video communications solutions can be tailored to fit you. We all have a smartphone these days and a simple video call to a friend, relative or colleague is straight forward and one we’re all used to. But scale that up to business level and it opens a whole range of possibilities and ground-breaking technology. Let’s look at your business space….

The Huddle Space

Meetings no longer need take place in huge bland rooms. Todays office is a flexible space and small break-out areas are popular and informal. However, the nature of these huddle rooms is they are small and suited to a few people. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a video solution. We can bring our laptops or tablets along and have a meeting with anyone from anywhere!

The Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are where you can begin to upscale your video solution. A good size, wall mounted screen is an affordable option today and can really enhance your office space. With the right video software package, you can enhance the meeting experience for remote workers, international colleagues and customers alike and the right solution will bring measurable benefits. You can save money on travel and associated costs and will present a professional meeting experience to prospective customers.

Larger meeting rooms and conference spaces can be enhanced further with multiple screens, video cameras and screen sharing devices. There is no limit to what you can do apart from your budget.

It’s not always about meetings

How about the interview process?

This can be time-consuming and heavy on resources for all parties, but it doesn’t have to be. Why not carry out the initial stages of the interview over video? You get to see who you’re talking to straight away and can make an informed decision to take things to the next stage or not. The second interview usually involves two interviewers, and this can be done over video too. It’s easy to set up, saves a lot of time and doesn’t take up too much of your day. It’s easier for the prospective candidate too as they don’t have to take much time away from their current job. And when you’re happy with your chosen candidate you can bring them in to the office.


Sharing your latest designs with your client?

With 4k video now available you will be able to show your designs and ideas over video instead of travelling to and from your prospective clients or emailing over large document files. With interactive screen sharing technology you can make changes and share ideas there and then, freeing up valuable time and streamlining your diary.

There are many ways to take advantage of video conferencing today and there is a solution to fit your budget and the size of your business. Many vendors are giving a free 30-day trial so why not give it a go and see how it can improve the way your business communicates.


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