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A virtual office is just that. It’s an office space that you don’t physically own or rent. They’re typically found with other serviced offices and are a great asset for new businesses or home workers looking to gain a presence. They’re a great choice for many start-ups too.

Instant offices can provide you with a business address service, a phone number, office equipment, video conferencing and meeting spaces without committing important funds that could be used elsewhere as you grow and develop.

Who uses virtual offices?

Serviced office spaces are valuable for many businesses. You might be a home worker starting a new business, a remote worker who needs access to meeting or conference rooms. Flexible offices also fit companies looking to expand but want to manage their risks before signing up to new premises.

What are the benefits?

There’s a plethora benefits to flexible offices. Corporate identity is vitally important today and a strong identity with a prestigious address will help grow your business opportunities. A physical location will give a professional image and increase your brand awareness. People are more likely to engage with you if you have a strong business identity. A home address and a mobile phone number can put some people off.

A physical address will benefit your business as it grows and will develop your credit history and increase its score.

Virtual office spaces give you flexibility with “easy in and easy out” terms with just one month notice to leave or upgrade. They provide a low-cost solution to your office administration, business services and reduce insurance liabilities.

For new or home businesses, office equipment can be expensive, a serviced office has all you need to hand. Printers, faxes, broadband, telephone answering, and admin services are all available and will be in your monthly bill as and when you use them.

If you’re an existing business, you may have employees that commute to work. Some people spend 90 minutes per day commuting which can impact productivity and wellbeing. A virtual office can address these issues. It can give your employees the flexibility to work from home several days a week reducing travel time, stress and costs. A happy, de-stressed employee will be more productive!

Location Location Location

The value of a good address with excellent transport links is worth it weight in gold. Our proximity to the capital can give your business a London presence without the enormous costs ofrenting a premises in the city.

The Loughton Seedbed Centre is situated in the ideal location and makes it simple for your existing or prospective clients to find you for that all important meeting. We’re just an 8-minutewalk from Debden underground station on the Central Line and a few minutes’ drive from Junction 5 of the M11.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution with tangible benefits, then a virtual work space is worth looking at and could be the boost you need for you and your business.

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